"With strict training, motivation, and diet changes I have lost 20 pounds and 3 pant sizes, also my energy level and mood have increased.  I will forever be grateful for what Tyler has brought to my life."  


- Cliff


“Forbes Fitness is a fantastic resource. Between the passion, they display for health and fitness along with the ability to work around the realities of modern work restraints and lifestyles,  they are able to make fitness available to people that wouldn't otherwise have it. Tyler is a great addition to any corporate environment.”


Dr. Scott Hoar   Health-Fit Chiropractic 

"No matter what level of physical fitness, there is an opportunity here for everyone to participate.  Physically, I have improved my balance, strength, and endurance.  Beyond that, I’ve learned how to work out safely and efficiently.  Tyler’s knowledge and personality are a winning combination.  Thank you Forbes Fitness for making such a difference in my life."


- Dinah


Having Tyler as our Fitness Director has been one of the best investments Tyco has made in the 20 years I have been with the company. The employees are glad to be able to exercise at work.  He is a fountain of information about exercise and nutrition.  Always has a smile, and is there to help out.


- Denis

"Forbes Fitness designed a custom workout specifically for me. They were challenging and took the time to understand my limitations, while always pushing me to do my personal best. Tyler is truly a man that practices what he preaches.  I admire his dedication to his profession and respect his personal integrity.  Forbes Fitness staff has personality, sense of humor and professionalism; their workouts will never be boring, Forbes Fitness onsite is worth every cent." 


- Denise


Personal Training & Corporate Health